Mortgage Advice and homeowner insurance

As independent mortgage advisors we can introduce you to the major banks and lenders, both nationally and internationally, offering multi-currency mortgage finance for both primary and secondary residences.

We offer both future and current property owners professional advise on their financial strategy or financial planning.

Our advisers help you to establish your mortgage portfolio and negotiate the best rates for you. Using our simple approach, you will learn about construction credit, equity capital (savings, Pillar Two, life insurance, investments), choosing your type of amortisation (direct or indirect via a third pillar) and creating your own mortgage notes with our banking partners.

We also offer a wide range of insurance solutions for homeowners at the best quality – price ratio on the market:

  • Buildings insurance covers you against water damage, broken windows, burglaries, earthquakes, etc.
  • Contents insurance protects you against fire, natural events, burglary, robbery, broken windows, etc.
  • Property liability insurance comes into play in the event of a building defect or insufficient maintenance

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